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These are a mixture of Department of Conservation and private huts. Those without much information are more than likely privately owned and may or maynot be open to the public. If anyone has any information on any of them it would be great if you contacted me and let me know.

The price of a serviced hut is $15 a night, standard hut is $5 a night, Basic/Bivvy are free or you can get an annual pass for $122. All these prices are half price for 11-17 year olds or free if 10 years old and under. The Great Walk huts vary from place to place and season to season but to give you an idea it is $140 a night on the Milford (half price for New Zealanders) to $15 off season and for summer at least they need to be booked through DoC which you can do online @ DoC. I do plan to add the tracks that these huts are on but it is proving to be complicated.

On each individual hut page I have included a zoomable topo map as well as a road map. Most of the information on these hut has been sourced from LINZ and DoC, so thanks to those two government departments :).

Name LatitudeLongitude AreaTypePhoto 
Rakeahua Hut -46.9821313462167.880873591Rakiura National Park, Stewart Island/RakiuraStandard Map 
Ramshead Hut -41.6578792474173.75170114 Map 
Ranger Bivouac -42.8556459953171.896445875 Map 
Rangipo Hut -39.3000923541175.623844678Tongariro National ParkServiced Map 
Rangiwahia Hut -39.8908170612176.018377076Ruahine Forest ParkServiced Map 
Rankin Hut -43.6023231666170.47575161 Map 
Rapid Creek Hut -43.0114013959171.0109919Kokatahi River - Whitcombe River areaStandard Map 
Raspberry Creek Shelter -44.5130398126168.747462802 Map 
Rats Nest Hut -44.9451309353168.186057054 Map 
Ravine Hut -42.0803953138173.650160036 Map 
Reardon Hut -43.8029881445169.999238829Ruataniwha Conservation ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Red Gate Hut -42.132467942173.052813496 Map 
Red Hills Hut -41.7311702327172.991554833Mount Richmond Forest ParkStandard Map 
Red Hut -43.9987150402169.833795694Ruataniwha Conservation ParkStandard Map 
Red Hut -39.0739796919176.302234372Ruataniwha Conservation ParkStandard Map 
Red Hut -43.9435265047168.987362268Ruataniwha Conservation ParkStandard Map 
Red Hut -45.2541207623170.659527936Ruataniwha Conservation ParkStandard Map 
Red Stag Hut -43.5401459528170.502478728Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Redcliff Hut -45.7208351391167.827020172Takitimu Conservation AreaBasic/bivvies Map 
Reischek Hut -43.279812528170.964063832Rangitata and Rakaia Rivers areaBasic/bivvies Map 
Relax Shelter -41.8350039378172.809169243 Map 
Renata Hut -40.9683156252175.172608579Tararua Forest ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Rerekapa Hut -38.93430902174.721049861 Map 
Rest Hut -39.6428721557177.084364307 Map 
Rex Simpson Hut -43.7684400394170.631691475 Map 
Ribbonwood Hut -43.8232523448171.022827352 Map 
Ribbonwood Hut -43.7068443594170.508430418 Map 
Richardson Rock Bivouac -43.8266593218169.919881642 Map 
Richmond Hut -44.7713037641169.680642278 Map 
Richmond Saddle Hut -41.4739408645173.383334342Mount Richmond Forest ParkStandard Map 
Riordans Hut -41.0454814985172.742778725Kahurangi National ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Riversdale Hut -43.0001632615171.779066165 Map 
Roaring Billy Hut -43.8953240663169.322988124Haast, Paringa and Moeraki rivers areaBasic/bivvies Map 
Roaring Lion Hut -41.1979217272172.433646408Kahurangi National ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Roaring Stag Hut -40.73066374175.524586769Tararua Forest ParkStandard Map 
Robin Saddle Hut -45.1958627211167.352285587 Map 
Robrosa Hut -44.8570607333169.188898449 Map 
Rock Camp Bivouac -39.3387102817176.2340409 Map 
Rock Hut -45.8372088824167.886947772 Map 
Rock of Ages Bivouac -44.4115371004168.794787646 Map 
Rocks Ahead Bivouac -39.2757113487176.295245971Kaweka Forest ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Rocks Ahead Hut -39.2755738045176.296687929Kaweka Forest ParkStandard Map 
Rocks Hut -41.3672500154173.355232994Mount Richmond Forest ParkStandard Map 
Rockslide Hut -39.6151689474176.225591487Ruahine Forest ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Rocky Creek Bivouac -42.7865018384171.409263844 Map 
Rocky Point Hut -45.191678159166.908100541 Map 
Rod Donald Hut -43.7203861751172.797603504Banks Peninsula areaServiced Map 
Rodger Inlet Huts -45.8574876267167.443189682 Map 
Roebuck Hut -41.4120248936173.35733275Mount Richmond Forest ParkStandard Map 
Rogers Hut (Te Wairoa) -38.7528001562176.789317139Whirinaki Te Pua-a-Tāne Conservation ParkStandard Map 
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