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These are a mixture of Department of Conservation and private huts. Those without much information are more than likely privately owned and may or maynot be open to the public. If anyone has any information on any of them it would be great if you contacted me and let me know.

The price of a serviced hut is $15 a night, standard hut is $5 a night, Basic/Bivvy are free or you can get an annual pass for $122. All these prices are half price for 11-17 year olds or free if 10 years old and under. The Great Walk huts vary from place to place and season to season but to give you an idea it is $140 a night on the Milford (half price for New Zealanders) to $15 off season and for summer at least they need to be booked through DoC which you can do online @ DoC. I do plan to add the tracks that these huts are on but it is proving to be complicated.

On each individual hut page I have included a zoomable topo map as well as a road map. Most of the information on these hut has been sourced from LINZ and DoC, so thanks to those two government departments :).

Name LatitudeLongitude AreaTypePhoto 
D'Urville Hut -41.9055916345172.646243212Nelson Lakes National ParkStandard Map 
Daleys Flat Hut -44.5482198843168.374413601Mount Aspiring National ParkServiced Map 
Daly's Clearing Hut -37.4845695689175.762906881Kaimai Mamaku Forest ParkStandard Map 
Daphne Hut -39.9131794863176.144304151Ruahine Forest ParkStandard Map 
Dart Hut -44.5216317904168.55449195Mount Aspiring National ParkServiced Map 
Dasler Bivouac -43.9563052666169.845965697 Map 
Dead Dog Hut -39.5781180965176.297682672Ruahine Forest ParkStandard Map 
Deas Cove Hut -45.193091015166.9747001Southern fiords areaStandard Map 
Dee Hut -41.9993613437173.749111554 Map 
Deep Creek Hut -42.8267140884172.20564491Pisa Conservation AreaBasic/bivvies Map 
Deep Creek Hut -44.9571355963169.120690474Pisa Conservation AreaBasic/bivvies Map 
Demon Trail Hut -44.4941973125168.073357087Fiordland National ParkServiced Map 
Devil's Creek Hut -43.9682224978170.97158528 Map 
Devils Creek Hut -41.4160423637173.57711036Mount Richmond Forest ParkStandard Map 
Devils Den Bivouac -42.4878064101172.294330234 Map 
Dianes Hut -39.5422988066176.283272691Ruahine Forest ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Dickie Spur Hut -43.0589071278170.869601065Mikonui River - Kakapotahi River areaBasic/bivvies Map 
Diggers Hut -45.383331836169.110079397Ruahine Forest ParkStandard Map 
Diggers Hut -40.1009463545175.955949256Ruahine Forest ParkStandard Map 
Dillon Hut -42.7861044765171.486881258Kelly Range - Styx River areaStandard Map 
Dillon Hut -41.7080655368173.725964607Kelly Range - Styx River areaStandard Map 
Dillons Homestead Hut -42.7834727137171.485048818Kelly Range - Styx River areaBasic/bivvies Map 
Dodger Hut -43.8960311045169.87907078Ruataniwha Conservation ParkStandard Map 
Dog Box Bivouac -45.3646471165168.399911288 Map 
Dog Kennel Bivouac -43.5839114004170.8101877 Map 
Dome Hut -45.5525582322168.79948138 Map 
Dominie Hut -39.2805094864176.393943782Kaweka Forest ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Dorset Ridge Hut -40.8075548746175.422412184Tararua Forest ParkStandard Map 
Double Hut -43.4956447284171.260781116Hakatere Conservation ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Doubtful Hut -42.5310979958172.283262713Lake Sumner Forest ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Doubtless Hut -42.5220508649172.226076913Lake Sumner Forest ParkStandard Map 
Doughboy Bay Hut -47.0329093173167.706208124Rakiura National Park, Stewart Island/RakiuraStandard Map 
Douglas Rock Hut -43.6531122576170.018717507Westland Tai Poutini National ParkStandard Map 
Downes hut -39.7263320942175.131447497Whanganui National ParkServiced Map 
Downie Hut -42.1332493983172.524732926 Map 
Downs Hut -43.332753326171.124409955 Map 
Dracophyllum Hut -40.769648088175.389420968Tararua Forest ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Drovers Memorial Hut -39.745809672176.804909118 Map 
Dry Rock Shelter -41.1777092631172.660198863 Map 
Dubious Bivouac -42.2169299664173.56261722 Map 
Duckville Hut -38.3626781691176.878866317Te UreweraBasic/bivvies Map 
Dumpling Hut -44.7682274104167.764852279Fiordland National ParkGreat Walk Map 
Dun Shelter -41.3438904012173.372849562 Map 
Dundas Hut -40.7165178447175.466028336Tararua Forest ParkStandard Map 
Dunns Creek Hut -42.8347149128171.428518731Kelly Range - Styx River areaBasic/bivvies Map 
Dynamo Hut -44.8012877219168.662480785Skippers areaStandard Map 
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