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These are a mixture of Department of Conservation and private huts. Those without much information are more than likely privately owned and may or maynot be open to the public. If anyone has any information on any of them it would be great if you contacted me and let me know.

The price of a serviced hut is $15 a night, standard hut is $5 a night, Basic/Bivvy are free or you can get an annual pass for $122. All these prices are half price for 11-17 year olds or free if 10 years old and under. The Great Walk huts vary from place to place and season to season but to give you an idea it is $140 a night on the Milford (half price for New Zealanders) to $15 off season and for summer at least they need to be booked through DoC which you can do online @ DoC. I do plan to add the tracks that these huts are on but it is proving to be complicated.

On each individual hut page I have included a zoomable topo map as well as a road map. Most of the information on these hut has been sourced from LINZ and DoC, so thanks to those two government departments :).

Name LatitudeLongitude AreaTypePhoto 
Gabriel Hut -42.7212315289172.289833589Lake Sumner Forest ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Galbraith Hut -39.1496010871176.716627497 Map 
Garden Gully Hut -42.2902869714171.406940027 Map 
Garston Ski Hut -45.4539763941168.748091015 Map 
Gentle Annie Hut -45.2174299382170.538931617 Map 
George Lyon Hut -42.0474639681172.605117971Nelson Lakes National ParkStandard Map 
George Sound Hut -44.9838889366167.440117279Fiordland National ParkStandard Map 
Gerhardt Spur Bivouac -42.972997367171.096282924 Map 
Ghost Lake Hut -41.7000258299172.158958489 Map 
Giant Gate Shelter -44.7064619032167.851068993 Map 
Gibson Hut -42.007537424173.812871413 Map 
Gill's Bivvy -44.7348212687168.03491017 Map 
Glade House -44.9213135643167.928714344 Map 
Glaisnock Hut -44.9981567226167.696731942Fiordland National ParkStandard Map 
Glen Roy Raceman's Hut -45.0864495667168.876106147 Map 
Glenrae Bivouac -42.6947344431172.442640062 Map 
Glenrae Hut -42.7645363826172.433891777Lake Sumner Forest ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Goat Creek Hut -41.60585513172.198666552Mokihinui River areaBasic/bivvies Map 
Goat Pass Hut -42.9015556069171.624853953Arthur's Pass National ParkStandard Map 
Godley Hut -43.4803617603170.510417015Aoraki/Mount Cook National ParkStandard Map 
Gold Creek Hut -39.7618260572176.197173883Ruahine Forest ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Golden Hills Hut -39.2198529824176.156584936 Map 
Goose Flat Hut -42.1511618905173.550988114Ka Whata Tu o Rakihouia ClarenceStandard Map 
Gorge River Hut -44.1841541445168.193819134Jackson Bay - Gorge River areaStandard Map 
Gosling Hut -41.7686771339173.342425911Glazebrook Conservation AreaBasic/bivvies Map 
Gouland Downs Hut -40.8905558187172.353288039Kahurangi National ParkGreat Walk Map 
Granity Pass Hut -41.5230178894172.561150248Kahurangi National ParkStandard Map 
Grassy Flat Hut -42.8922373756171.292057631Kelly Range - Styx River areaStandard Map 
Grays Hut -45.1678214968170.545658596 Map 
Green Bush Hut -44.2568108948169.472345377 Map 
Green Gate Huts -44.8988214456168.691531062 Map 
Green Hut -37.8048914095177.946425323 Map 
Green Lake Hut -45.7855470676167.400054446Fiordland National Park, Lake Monowai/Borland Road areaStandard Map 
Green Point Hut -43.7901838513170.239672726Gamack Conservation AreaBasic/bivvies Map 
Greenstone Hut -44.9792927293168.262570949Greenstone and Caples Conservation AreasServiced Map 
Greigs Hut -41.8366282879173.105209873Leatham Conservation AreaStandard Map 
Greyneys Shelter -42.9842855007171.590241335 Map 
Greys Hut -41.2391177971172.275720971Kahurangi National ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Griffin Creek Hut -42.797824448171.382778375Kelly Range - Styx River areaBasic/bivvies Map 
Grough Hut -43.9334148438169.946747169Ruataniwha Conservation ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Growler Hut -43.5109110205170.738764854Rangitata and Rakaia Rivers area, Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation ParkStandard Map 
Growler Rock Shelter -41.1669515024172.674841127 Map 
Guide Hut -42.2637410923173.072438476 Map 
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