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These are a mixture of Department of Conservation and private huts. Those without much information are more than likely privately owned and may or maynot be open to the public. If anyone has any information on any of them it would be great if you contacted me and let me know.

The price of a serviced hut is $15 a night, standard hut is $5 a night, Basic/Bivvy are free or you can get an annual pass for $122. All these prices are half price for 11-17 year olds or free if 10 years old and under. The Great Walk huts vary from place to place and season to season but to give you an idea it is $140 a night on the Milford (half price for New Zealanders) to $15 off season and for summer at least they need to be booked through DoC which you can do online @ DoC. I do plan to add the tracks that these huts are on but it is proving to be complicated.

On each individual hut page I have included a zoomable topo map as well as a road map. Most of the information on these hut has been sourced from LINZ and DoC, so thanks to those two government departments :).

Name LatitudeLongitude AreaTypePhoto 
Fanghill Hut -43.1277531112171.370634721 Map 
Felt Hut -43.7284488181170.820052362 Map 
Fenella Hut -41.0496025591172.525196898Cobb Valley, Kahurangi National ParkServiced Map 
Ferguson Hut -44.1194695505169.55042479Hāwea Conservation ParkStandard Map 
Fern Burn Hut -44.7398254685168.984421805Wanaka areaStandard Map 
Fidgit Bivouac -42.1767276429173.629884256 Map 
Field Hut -40.9078123657175.256223074 Map 
Fishtail Hut -41.4461290235173.489445056Mount Richmond Forest ParkStandard Map 
Flanagans Hut -41.271779719172.591157879Kahurangi National ParkStandard Map 
Flaxy Hut -45.5701466671168.887887494 Map 
Flora Hut -41.1826395607172.730003563Kahurangi National Park, Mount Arthur areaBasic/bivvies Map 
Flynns -41.8984485133173.779484091 Map 
Forbes Bivouac -43.4648712218170.648070844 Map 
Forbes Hut -44.0489049427169.619649234Hāwea Conservation ParkStandard Map 
Forest Burn Shelter -45.3894937998167.5718408 Map 
Forks Hut -40.1139088435175.940019333Ruahine Forest ParkStandard Map 
Forks Hut -45.1138688492168.127450955Mavora Lakes Conservation ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Fosters Hut -41.430947513173.640670889Mount Richmond Forest ParkStandard Map 
Fowlers Hut -42.3133793833172.764910755 Map 
Frampton's Hut -35.5120728519173.472813932Waima & Mataraua ForestsStandard Map 
Franklin Hut -44.028916966169.094797405 Map 
Freds Camp Hut -46.9284343154167.977761752Rakiura National Park, Stewart Island/RakiuraStandard Map 
Freeman Burn Hut -45.440449268167.381172073Fiordland National Park, Lake Manapouri areaStandard Map 
French Ridge Hut -44.4286605403168.693911261Matukituki Valley area, Mount Aspiring National ParkServiced Alpine Map 
Freshwater Hut -46.8682726783167.920056996Rakiura National Park, Stewart Island/RakiuraStandard Map 
Frew Hut -43.049539191171.043453629Kokatahi River - Whitcombe River areaStandard Map 
Frew Saddle Bivouac -43.0768892503171.091708049 Map 
Frisco Hut -43.0316835953171.110904809Kokatahi River - Whitcombe River areaBasic/bivvies Map 
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