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Backpack New Zealand

Hiking & Backpacking in NZ

Why New Zealand?

"To many not in the know, New Zealand calls to mind kiwi fruit and sheep. Perhaps its the location, perhaps its because New Zealand rarely finds its way into the international media but with its green lands, blue seas, snow capped mountains, pristine lakes and singing birds it remains an idyllic holiday destination.

There are few places in the world which can offer so much variety within such a short distance. This is a country, where in the space of a week, you can snowboard or ski in the Southern Alps, horse trek along the beach, swim with dolphins, watch whales, climb a volcano, hike through a rainforest, sail the high seas and savour a lamb rack like no other. To anyone who enjoys the great outdoors, it's simply paradise.

The country has something to offer young and old. It's thanks to kiwi ingenuity and the adventurous spirit that many of the adventure sports were created. Those looking for an adrenalin rush can plumet from the heavens in a bungee jump, abseil gorges or mountains, handglide or go white-water rafting. The culturally and historically minded on the other hand can venture back 1000 years to the beginnings of the Maori culture and their arrival from Polynesia described in their wonderous mythical tales. With the arrival of the pioneers and the gold rush comes the next exciting era of New Zealand history and glory. To retreat into the past here is an awesome voyage into the greatness of human endeavour and the indefatigability of the human spirit."

Maureen from Malta.

Sorry but I won't be putting much work into this site until I get back to New Zealand. Cheers, Garry.

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