Topo Map showing location of Waitaki Huts


This information is sourced from DoC, LINZ and Openstreetmap. Some of the hut photos are mine and the rest are from DoC. I will be adding an upload feature soon so people can photos of .Waitaki Huts.
Latitude: -44.9320008261
Longitude: 171.144458721
Type of Hut:
Map: Topo Map | Road Map
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Waitaki Huts Map New Zealand

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Closest 20 Huts to Waitaki Huts

These are as the crow flies
Mount Hut 48.35km Balmoral Huts 48.54km Middle Hut 50.7km Bog Hut 50.79km Red Hut 52.27km Mitchells Hut 53.65km Grays Hut 53.86km Staircase Hut 54.23km Half Moon Hut 55.43km Cayenne Hut 55.89km Gentle Annie Hut 57.17km Crumb Hut 58.1km Pearson Hut 67.3km Awakino Ski Field 68.06km Hut Creek Hut 69.02km Buster Hut 69.36km Brown Hut 69.44km Tailings Hut 71.63km Chimney Creek Hut 76.38km Ida Railway Hut 78.29km Wire Yards Hut 81.46km Otamatapaio Hut 95.56km Bendoran Hut 97.81km Leaning Lodge 99.02km Philip J Cox Memorial Hut 100.37km Big Hut 100.79km Christmas Creek Hut 102.42km Pleasant Gully Hut 102.87km Jubilee Hut 103.39km Halfway Hut 103.49km Boundary Creek Hut 104.18km Mt John Hut 104.53km Possum Hut 104.56km Devil's Creek Hut 108.04km Poplar Hut 109.07km Top Hut 109.23km Sutherland's Hut 111.19km Ben Rudds Hut 112.81km Howells Hut 115.66km Richmond Hut 116.77km