Topo Map showing location of John Coull Hut


This information is sourced from DoC, LINZ and Openstreetmap. Some of the hut photos are mine and the rest are from DoC. I will be adding an upload feature soon so people can photos of .John Coull Hut.
Basic info: 24-bunk hut located on the Whanganui Journey in the Whanganui area.
Latitude: -39.2333906677
Longitude: 174.913496687
Location: Whanganui National Park
Area: Manawatu/Whanganui
Type of Hut: Great Walk
Tracks: Whanganui Journey
Map: BJ32 Topo Map | Road Map
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John Coull Hut . Whanganui National Park
Image: DoC

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John Coull Hut Map New Zealand

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