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New Zealand Photos

South Island Photos

North Island Photos

Photos from either the South Island Gallery or North Island Gallery may be used on websites free of charge as long as the guidelines below are followed.

You need to put copyright Backpack New Zealand under each photo with a direct link back to my site.
A maximum of 5 New Zealand photos may be used.
.They cannot be used on a page specifically set up to display these photos that has ads on it.
You need to contact me and tell me where they are used.

Don't want to link to me? You can lease each photo for US$50 per year. Contact Me

User's Photos

I have just installed new software that enables you to upload your pictures of New Zealand. If you have some pics that you would like to share you will first need to register and then login and go here . You can either create your own album or upload files to the named folders. You may find it a bit confusing at first, if you have any troubles contact me.

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