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What to Pack Hiking

Experience is everything when it comes to what to pack on a hiking trip. One of my first tramps I did solo about 10 years ago was a nightmare. I had everything in plastic boxes and food fit for a king, I would of made a Camel proud!

What to Pack
The following is a list of food and equipment I would take on a 4 day hike.
I don't hold back on warm clothing as the weather can turn bad in the mountains at any time of year.

There are a few sights on lightweight hiking, try and the links there.

Its all to do with layers when keeping warm. Air gets trapped between the different layers of clothing and warms up.

pile/fleece jacket
waterproof seam-sealed jacket
lightweight fleece top/woollen jersey
2 t-shirts
polypropylene top (couple if winter)

waterproof seamed-sealed pants - or just wear shorts if it is raining
pair of lightweight trousers - or not, I put them on when I get to a hut
pair of shorts
polypropylene bottoms

3 pairs of warm woollen socks
warm hat
warm gloves

lightweight pack towel
Good sturdy tramping boots
jandels < NZ term for sandals. A lot of hikes you will need to cross rivers so something dry to put on when you get to the hut. A guy from Czechoslovakia I met hiking a few years ago just brought along a pair of soles which he put inside his socks.

I use small zip-locked bags to store some of the food in. I don't get to fancy as anything tastes good after a days walking.

Although the dehydrated food you buy in a bag tastes ok and is convenient, it's expensive and like most packet food "serves 1" means one rabbit.

5 big cups of muesli (I usually take extra just in case I get stranded)
chocolate chips to add to my muesli
4 cups of milk powder

loaf of bread / pita bread if doing a longer tramp
couple of tablespoons of vegemite
couple of tablespoons of butter

4 packets of pasta and sauce
6 tablespoons of butter
8 strips of bacon to add to pasta and sauce
extra pasta to add

12 muesli bars
12 teaspoons of coffee
10 tablespoons of sugar
couple of packets of soup

good sleeping bag. I prefer down for its size/warmth ratio. They say that sleeping bag liners add around 5 degrees of warmth i.e a -2°C sleeping bag will become a -7°C
cooking equipment - MSR, Primus etc
fuel for cooker
1 plastic cup
1 plastic tablespoon
1 lightweight pot (I eat out of it as well)
torch - headlight
pocket knife
small first aid kit and insect repellent (sandflies are murder in places)
camera - for me this is my heaviest item a digital SLR so I can take nice pics for you people Smile
backpack and pack-liner

umm I think thats about it.

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