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Common Name: Kiwi
Latin Name: Apteryx australis
Category: Endemic
Status: Endangered
Characteristics: 40 - 40cm, flightless
Distribution: Brown kiwi - most common in Northland, Coromandel and Taranaki. Great spotted kiwi - patchy distribution, strongholds in Kahurangi and the Paparoa Ranges. Little spotted kiwi - Only common on offshore Islands away from predation, common on Kapiti Island, introduced to Hen Island, Red Mercury Island, Long Island and Tiritiri Matangi.
Food: Insects, grubs, fallen fruits and uses its beak to probe into the soft soil for earthworms.
Nest: Burrows under tree roots and hollow logs.

The Order (Aptergyiformes) contains a single family (Apterygidae) that contains the three species of kiwis (Great spotted - Apteryx haastii, little spotted - Apteryx oweenii and the brown kiwi shown pictured here).

The Kiwi (NZ's national bird) is a nocturnal flightless bird and have declined in numbers rapidly due to habitate loss and predation from introduced predators such as rats, stoats, ferrets, cats, dogs and possums are also know to eat kiwi eggs.

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