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St James Walkway

Quick Facts

Distance: 65km
Time: 4 - 6 days
Grade: Easy
Higest point: 1136 m
Island: South
Location: Lewis Pass
Map: Lewis M31; Boyle M32 or Trackmap 335-06

By Garry

The St James Walkway at 65km is the longest walkway in the country (not longest track). The track offers a bit of everything; subalpine area, beech forest and open valleys. Large sections are almost completely flat, making it an ideal tramp for all fitness levels. It should only be done during late spring - autumn as there is avalanche danger during winter and early spring.

If you have you own car it is best to leave it at the Boyle River end as vandalism is more likely to occur at the Lewis Pass car park. When we did this track (98) there was someone in the Boyle River community that would drop you off at the Lewis Pass end and drive your car back to Boyle River. If anyone has updated information on this please post it by using the form below.

Lewis Pass - Cannibal Gorge Hut: 7km 3.5 hours
The track starts of by following the tarn nature walk. It then descends quite steeply into Cannibal Gorge and the Maruia River. Crossing the swing bridge the track follows the Maruia River on the true right for 5 1/2 km's until it reaches Cannibal Hut (20 bunks). If you left late in the day you may like to stay the night over wise continue on to Ada Pass Hut.

Cannibal Gorge Hut - Ada Pass Hut: 3km 1.5 hours
After leaving Cannibal George Hut the track continues to follow the true right of the Maruia River. The track goes mostly through bush occasionally opening up into the alpine fields. This section is the most prone to avalanche danger and slips. The track then comes to Ada Pass Flats and Ada Pass Hut (20 Bunks).

Ada Pass Hut - Christopher Hut: 10.5km 4.5 hours
The track then accends gradually to Ada Pass (1008m). Then it gradually descends through beech forest to the true right of the Ada River for 1.5km. The track then opens up into tussock fields and stands of mountain beech. After another 1km the track then re-enters the beech forest indicated by the orange markers. It then continues to follow the true right of the Ada River for 3.5kms and then opens up into the start of the St James Station. From here the track swings around to the south east past the old Christopher Cullers Hut for 3.5km and then comes to Christopher Hut (20 bunks).

Christopher Hut - Anne River Hut: 15km 5 hours
This is the most boring part of the track IMO. It's almost entirely walking through farm land and matagouri. When we did this tramp it was a scorching summers day, so make sure you bring a sun hat as there is little shade.

After leaving the hut the track follows the true right of the Ada River (the river is about 500m from the track). After 2 km's the track the converges with the Ada River and swings around Mt Federation (1612m) over a distance of 4km to face south west.

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