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New Zealand is next to the international date line and is 12 hours ahead of general mean time. This makes new Zealand one of the first countries to see the new day. Between the first Sunday in October to the third Sunday in March New Zealand switches to daylight savings where clocks go forward one hour (summer time act of 1929).

The seasons
Summer: December - February
Autumn: March - May
Winter: June - August
Spring: September - November

New Zealand operates on 230 - 240 volts, 50 hertz. Power sockets take flat three or two (top two) pronged plugs. Many hotels, camping grounds and hostels also provide 110 volt sockets for razors.

New Zealand uses the metric system. Which for you people that still use the old imperial/US system are approximately
1 liter = .22 gallon (1.76 pint) or .264 US gallon (2.11730 pint)
1 kilometer = .62 mile (100 km/hour is the speed limit on open roads and 50km in built up areas)
1 meter = 1.0936 yard
There is a good conversion calculator here.

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