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Safety & Legal

Generally New Zealand is a safe place to travel. Most New Zealanders are good natured and will bend over backwards to help someone out. However crime seems to be increasing at an alarming rate over the last few years with rapes and murders becoming all to common (New Zealand Herald).

All the normal precaution should be followed when travelling anywhere, don't broadcast the fact that you have a large amount of cash on you, avoid dark and quite streets (particularly in the main cities), don't take lifts from strangers and always keep an eye out on your drink when going to a bar (drugged).

The number to dial for any emergency is 111.

Legal Stuff
The minimum age for drinking in New Zealand is 18, it use to be 20 up to a few years ago and there are talks of increasing it again.
The minimum age for getting a car license is 15.
You need to be 18 to buy cigarettes.
Smoking is now illegal in pubs.
Prostitution is legalised.
All the usual drugs are illegal. Cannabis is very common and even though the police are fighting a lossing battle, it remains illegal.

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