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New Zealand money consists of the following denominations: $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 in notes and 10 cents ($.10), 20 cents ($.20), 50 cents ($.50), $1 and $2 in coins, ignore the 5c in the photo, it has since ben taken out of circulation.

Money can be exchanged at banks which are open from 9am to 4.30 pm or bureaux de change which exist in the major tourist towns, cities and also at airports. There are no restriction on the amount of foreign currency or travellers checks that can be brought in or taken out of New Zealand.

Credit cards are widely accepted including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club. The first two being more widely excepted than the later two.

EFTPOS (Maestro, Cirrus) cards are more commonly used than credit cards and almost all businesses accept this method of payment.

Currency Converters
New Zealand currency calculator


The following is a rough guide as the cost of a loaf of bread is going to be more expensive in a corner shop in Te Anau than a major supermarket in Auckland.


Expect to spend around $8 - $10 per day on food if you are cooking
yourself and around $10 - $15 if eating takeaways. The below list was written in 2008. ( Latest supermarket prices.
Chicken No 20
Lamb shoulder chops$13 kg
Sirloin steak$20 kg
Tarakihi fillets (fish) $20 kg
Eggs$3.40 doz
Milk$1.90 litre
Cheese$7 500 grams
Ice Cream$4.00 2 litres
Potatoes$2.50 kg
Oranges$3 kg
Baked beans$30 420 grams
Bread $3
Batteries$4 4x AA eveready
Cigarettes$12 pack of 20, $32 50 gramsroll your own
Pizza (pizza hut)$15 single pickup
Fish and Chips$4.00
Can of Coke$1.50
12 x 330ml Speights Beer, Online liquor store$20
Jug of Beer$6.50

Tours and Activities

$90 - $140 for rafting or jetboating
$120 for whale watching
$140 for a bungy jump
$150 one day horse trek
$220 Ballooning
$350 Tandem Skydive from 12000 feet

Hiking is free apart from the price of huts and private walks.


Rental Car: $30 - $50 per day (depending on season and the length of time)
Buying a Car: $1500 (My 87 Honda Accord cost me $1500, previous car 86 Mitsi Sigma $600 Auto Trader, Trademe Online Auctions)
Both Islands Kiwi or Magic Bus pass: $700 - $1500
~$1.99 litre petrol (April 08 - check Pricewatch for latest petrol prices)
$62+for ferry crossing and about $180 for vehicle.
$35 Shuttle Christchurch - Picton (340 km)
$55 Shuttle Christchurch - Queenstown (486 km)

1 litre petrol gets you about 8 kilometers in distance.
NZ top to bottom is 2020km so ~$400 plus side trips etc about $500 in petrol.
New Zealand Distance Calculator

Thumbing it is reasonably save.


$20 Dorm bed
$25 Double/Twin per person
$50 Single
$10 Tent site per person.
free - $40 DoC Hut's

If you are planning to stay in new Zealand a few months you may like to purchase either a VIP discount card or BBH club card. Or to save even more money buy yourself a tent and camp along side one of the many excellent camping spots besides the rivers, lakes and streams throughout the country.

If I missed anything out please contact me

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