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Tongariro Northern Circuit

Quick Facts

Distance: 41 km
Time: 3 - 4 days
Grade: Moderate
Higest point: 1886 m
Island: North
Location: Tongariro National Park
Map: Tongariro T19 / Ruapehu T20

By Garry

This three and a half day tramp winds its way around the volcanoe of Mt Ngauruhoe, and passes through some stunning landscapes including volcanic craters, glacial valleys and lava formations.

The track has four entry points and the safest and most popular time of year to walk the Tongariro Northern Circuit is during the summer months as snow and avalanche hazards may prevent those with no mountain experience (crampons and a ice axe may be required) from walking this track during the winter.

There are four huts on the circuit, Mangatepopo, Ketetahi, Oturere and Waihohonu. These huts have mattresses, gas cookers (summer only), a water supply and toilet facilities. There will be hut wardens in the huts over the busy season to provide park and weather information. Camping is prohibited within 500 metres of the tracks. Campsites have been established near each of the huts on the circuit. Facilities at the huts can be used.

In the summer season (November to May inclusive) a Great Walks Hut or Campsite Pass for the Tongariro Northern Circuit must be purchased before entering the track and be displayed at all times. The hut pass does not guarantee a bunk. Passes are available from local Department of Conservation Visitor Centres. Outside the summer season the huts are unserviced and off-season rates apply.


· Whakapapa Village to Mangatepopo Hut 3 hours, 9km
· Mangatepopo Hut to Ketetahi Hut 5 - 7 hours, 10km
· Ketetahi Hut to Oturere Hut 4 - 5 hours, 8km.
· Oturere Hut to new Waihohonu Hut 3 hours, 7km.
· Waihohonu Hut to Whakapapa Village 5 - 6 hours, 7km.


The Tongariro Northern Circuit can be accessed from Whakapapa Village, Mangatepopo Road, Ketetahi Road, and the Desert Road (State Highway 1).

· - Transport to the Tongariro Crossing.

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